Birthday prayers for brother


You want to send birthday prayers to your brother or want to tell him
how blessed you feel to have a brother like him. Then, you have arrived
on the right site. We got lots of prayers for you to sent to your brother in
which you can let him know your heart prayers.

birthday prayer wishes

May this day brings lots of happiness for you and May lord keep shining His light upon you.

This world would become heaven if we will get more people like you on this Earth. Let’s celebrate the day on which God sent you on this world. In other words, I mean to say, Happy Birthday brother!

You are a miracle of God on this world to make it more peaceful and happy place. Let’s celebrate your arrival on this Earth, happy birthday brother!

birthday prayers for my younger brother

Happy Birthday to my brother, who’s been a gift from God for me since the day you born.

When you blow your candles on your cake after making a wish. I pray that your this year wish will comes true!

I have witnessed the God’s love when I see you every day. As you been a blessing for us from God. So let’s celebrate the day on which you were born, happy birthday brother!

birthday wishes and prayers for brother

God’s love comes in different ways, sometimes He sent good friends for you. Similarly, sometimes He sent you in a family who love each other. In other words, we are blessed to be born in such a loving family. Happy Birthday, brother!

Just like this birthday, I pray for you that you enjoy your health and stay like this always.

In all the hugs you get on this birthday, remember that God is sending you His warmth of love and happiness.

birthday wishes and prayers for my elder brother

Birthday Prayers for Younger Brother

On your birthday, I want to thank the Lord who His indescribable gift, a brother whose always available in times of need. Thank you, Lord and happy birthday brother!

Happy Birthday my dear brother, you are like a treasure with a heart that’s so kind and gentle. So enjoy your birthday as God is watching you and may shower His blessings upon you.

I pray to Lord to give you more strength and courage to face the challenges of this world with bravery and smile on your face. Happy Birthday, brother!

happy birthday to my blood brother
Brother Birthday prayers

You are my brother, my comforter, and my best friend. I feel so blessed to have a brother like you. Lastly, I wish and pray to God he keep you in His coverage and you keep celebrating your birthdays. Happy Birthday

May God bless you with joy, happiness and peace that your heart can enjoy. Happy Birthday, brother!

On your birthday, I am sending you the precious gift of my love and prayers that keep you safe from devil’s eye.

I am so happy to celebrate another year of life with you. May you live long and we keep celebrating your birthdays, happy birthday brother!

prayers for brother birthday

I’m so lucky to have a brother like you who’s nothing more than a blessing from God to me. Thank you, Lord, for such a caring brother.

May God helps you achieve all your goals and show you the right path to success. Happy Birthday, brother!

On the special occasion of your birthday, May Lord showers His blessings upon you.

May all your wishes and prayers be heard by God today on your birthday. Always be happy also feel blessed!

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