Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

Looking for funny birthday wishes, quotes and messages for sister birthday to make your sister laugh and happy on their birthday then Lilylisto is the right place to find a ways to say, Happy Birthday sister.

Spreading smiles is an obligation we should all take upon ourselves, and when it’s your sister’s birthday giving her a reason to smile is more important than you think.

Laughter is the best medicine, funny enough we have the best collection of wishes, jokes and greetings to make birthday wishes to the next level.

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A very very merry birthday sister!! Look who just got older?! You start using mum’s ageing cream, Because girl! You wrinkles are getting very visible.

This time I wanted to wish you in an absolute cute way but sorry! Google couldn’t dig any. I have faith that your birthday will be just like mine.

Dear sister! Happy birthday. I have to tell you that you always say what you mean and that makes you a mean person sometimes. Anyway! Love you, sister.

Hey sister! You got a year older!! Great, isn’t it? I am so happy… can you get me some water from the kitchen? Oh! And happy birthday, my funny sister.

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Happy Birthday Sister Funny Images

Happy Birthday Sister Funny

Happy hatch day sister! I cannot believe that I just survived another freaking year with you.

HBD Sis !!! may you have a fantastic day as you have an amazing and fun sister

It’s your day, sister! Happy birthday! So, when are you deciding to move out then?

Hey Panini girl! Where the cake? I am getting low on cake-sugar.

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Funny Birthday Message for sister

Have a cherished day on which you born years ago, a sister always be yourself but not too much please, that’s not affordable.

Happy birthday to the most badass sister ever. I care about you a lot because it’s a scary world out there for someone as crazy dumb and wild as you.

Dear sister! Happy birthday. I have to tell you that you always say what you mean and that makes you a mean person sometimes. Anyway! Love you, sister.

I wish a very a happy birthday to you sister. This time I have got you a present! But, you’ll have to pay the delivery guy. KIDDING! Got you no present.. you know I am broke, but love is something more than money and gifts.. right?

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

May you have a fantastic future ahead because you are not getting any present from me.

Funny Birthday Message for Sister

Have a boastful birthday but do get your hair straight cause they have more blast.

Hey, congratulation you are getting older and older… now you won’t understand the struggle.

Happy birthday my special thing may you have clean and bright today because your room is more messy and unrecognized than your own life.

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Happy Birthday baby sister funny

This is your special day and nature wants you to celebrate it and eat cake, but no too much, you know you are getting old.

You are the only sibling I claim so happy birthday and have a great one and! Don’t ruin my affection for you.

Old is Gold!!! But not really when it comes to a sister, they get very cocky and rude because because because they are diamonds! Umm metaphorically, not literally.

Funny Birthday Sister

Sister Happy birthday to you!!! Just wanted to tell you that I love the hilarious moments that we share and it would be so lovely of you if you try, to make me laugh too next time. I know I am cool but come on! I have some expectations from you too.

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Happy bday sister funny

Hey! It’s your birthday sister, dearest. Congratulations! Come over to my place, when you get gifts, we’ll share the love you.

Happy birthday sister! I hope you have a healthy, wealthy and wise future. I know wise is hard for you, but I can help.

I am so happy that you’ve grown up ! merry birthday but cheers to staying dumb, funny and childish forever.

From the depth of my heart, Sister, I wish you a cheerful birthday and yeah! Treat’s on you.

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Happy birthday sister funny card

Have a great day, little sister! I love you, but now it’s the time when you start acting like a little sister and not like mum.

Having a sister like you next to me all the time is a blessing, but as they say it. “Excess of everything is terrible. Anyway, happy birthday. Toddles!

Happy Birthday to you sister! oh God! you’re aging and aging and still not mentally growing up. Grow up sister!

Happy Birthday my dear Sister! No matter how older you become, no need to be sad as you will always be younger than me.

On this Birthday, if someone asks you about your age, no need to get angry or annoy, take a deep breath and calmly tell them to shut up. Happy Birthday Sis! May you have many more!

The age of a person shows how wiser a person has become, but you don’t need to worry about that as wisdom never comes your way. Always remain naughty and funny like this as we love you like that. Happy Birthday!

Sisters are sweet but you mess with them they will become witches and haunt you in your dreams. Thanks for always be there for me and having lots of fights just because of me. Happy
Birthday my fighter sister!

Happy Birthday to my partner in crimes as whenever we are together we make plans to prank others as a result we always have fun together. Let’s make a hilarious plan for your Birthday and celebrate it as we never had before.

I waited the whole year to send you the precious gift of my prayers, wishes, good luck, and hopes as they all are priceless. What else do you want on your Birthday as I can’t wrap myself in
a gift box! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

As a sister I know all your secrets and your heart desires. So on your Birthday, I wish all your heart desires comes true and may I
forgot the essential mystery of yours, which is your age. Happy Birthday Sister

This year you are so much concerned about your health but don’t worry as you grow old these things happen. As I am 2 years older Than you so I have experienced this two years back. Lastly, no matter how old you become, you will always be younger than me. Happy Birthday younger Sister!

Happy Birthday Sweet 16! Although you have been celebrating your 16th Birthday for the last five years. Well who’s counting? Keep celebrating as you look younger every year.

On this Birthday, Firstly, I thought of buying you a dress, but I didn’t have the budget. Secondly, I thought of purchasing jewelry for you. Then I remember you already have so much. Thirdly, I thought of buying makeup but you don’t need it as you are so beautiful. So in end I wish lots of wisdom for you as really need it. Happy
Birthday Sister!

I hope my Birthday would have come before your Birthday so it will be easy for me to choose a gift for you and give you as expensive gift as you give me every year. The gift of love and
happiness! Happy Birthday Sister!

The day you born, you made me an elder and big Sister. Although you have never treated me like one but anyways… Happy
Birthday Sweet Sister!

I always want a brother as we all are sisters, but you were still like a brother to me. For instance, helping me I all my home works, taking quarrels because of me, being my bodyguard, and accompany me wherever I go. Thanks for being Sister like a brother. Happy Birthday!

Before you, I was the only child of my parents, and I don’t know how to share, but because of you, I have to share my toys, my snacks, my bed, my closet, and my parent. So now it’s your Turn to share all your birthday gifts with me. I hope you get lots of birthday gifts this year!

On this Birthday, count all the blessings you have and feel good and try avoiding counting your hairs and teeth. Have a blissful happy birthday!

You are like a Sun to me, as I feel the warmth of love near you, whenever you are not around, my life is dull n cold but sometimes become angry and can cause me tan. Happy Birthday
and all the warm wishes for you, my Sister.

If I have to give you the name of any season, I would call you summer as your presence provide us with warmth, you are fruitful, enjoys
holidays with you, you are colorful and sometimes hot. Happy Birthday my hot Sister!

Since our childhood, you were like an ugly duckling, but as time pass and now you have become a beautiful swan. Keep taking care of yourself as you are growing old. Happy Birthday, sister!

It is fantastic to see a person grown so well after being so much tortured by me in childhood. Eventually, it seems that you are a successful person because of me. Happy Birthday my
baby sister!

Put your chocolate cake in your hand and paste it on your face as you forget to invite me to your birthday party, or soon I am coming to your home too so. Be ready for my birthday sister!

I hope you people enjoy these funny wishes we have also a collection of inspirational birthday messages for sister. If you have any birthday wishes for sister then you can share below in the comment.

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