Sister Birthday Ideas

Creative Birthday Ideas for Sister

If you are looking Creative Birthday Ideas for Sister, then I suggest you should go for a birthday theme that will be full of colors. Rainbow themed birthday party will be a great solution as girls love colors. As in the rainbow, red color always comes in the start, next to orange color, next yellow, next green, next blue, and lastly purple. Here is a list of options you can choose from according to your convenience.

  • Make your sister’s breakfast special

Make your sister’s birthday special by making rainbow-colored pancakes. I am sure this will make her day special, and she will enjoy your surprise.

Sister breakfast
  • Make invitation cards at home

Girls love colors, so make rainbow cards by using felt papers. These cards are so easy to make, just cut rainbow colored felt papers and glued them together. Invite your sister’s friends at her birthday party and them about the theme of the party so they will dress accordingly.

DIY invitation card
  • Surprise your sister with rainbow cake

Bake a cake with multi-layers of rainbow colors. In spite, it doesn’t look effortless to make, but it will be worthwhile to make an effort and bake a cake for your sister at home. Nevertheless, it will be a great surprise for your sister, and everyone will appreciate your choice.

Rainbow Birthday cake for sister
  • Arrange a themed birthday party for your sister

In a themed birthday party, you have to decorate the whole house or party area accordingly to the theme. For instance, if you choose the rainbow theme party, then decorate the party area like in the above-given picture.

Birthday decoration for sister
  • Decorate the house with balloons

Balloons make everyone happy! Even though you have an elder sister or younger, balloons decorate the house quickly and inexpensively. Just buy rainbow-colored balloons and place them accordingly to the pattern of the rainbow.

Birthday celebration
  • Birthday games for your sister

Birthdays or any get-to-gathers become boring or dull if you haven’t arranged any game. For this, watch minute-to-win-it, you will find dozens of indoor or outdoor games. For example, in the rainbow theme party, you can put skittles or beans on a table and let two or three players separate them in small bowls or glasses according to their colors.

Sister Birthday game
  • Make crowns for guests

If you have arranged a theme party last minute or you think that your sister’s friend would not wear clothes according to your theme, then go for plan B. It means that make head-wear like given above. Girls love wearing crowns or tiaras, so prepare some for the party! 

Sister Birthday Crown
  • Make colorful paper flowers for decoration

These paper flowers are so easy to make as well as they look so pretty and will make your birthday colorful and vivid.

Birthday Celebration Ideas
  • Plan out the whole day

Sometimes a present alone isn’t enough, so you can go the extra mile and plan an entire day full of fun and memories. If your sister is adventurous, opt for an action-packed experience such as a few hours spent in Fun-land or going for bungee jumping, horse riding or taking her to meet her favorite celebrity.

Sister Birthday  fun ideas
  • Plan a surprise party

A day before the birthday, you can invite her close friends and organize a surprise party. Firstly, send her a friend for shopping. Secondly, decorate the house. Thirdly, brought food of her taste or make it at home, if she likes home-cooked food. Lastly, as she enters the house, surprise her with party poppers or balloons.

Decoration ideas for sister Birthday
  • Give her clues to go to the birthday venue

If you are organizing the birthday party in a restaurant, then you can make clue cards that start from her breakfast to the venue as girls love to solve riddles.

Riddles ideas for sister birthday

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