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Lilylisto provides the best and multiple sister birthday captions. Birthday wishes can be long however, Lilylisto dish out the best captions to make your sister’s birthday a one to remember.

To all those haters that probably don’t exist I will always have a sis better than yours! Happy birthday sister. On a sisters birthday even giving a few lines can make her day. Reminding her of her importance and your love cannot be emphasized enough.

You are cute and imperfect and being imperfect means you are entirely human.

Lovely Sister you are brave; you are powerful and yes! You are more than enough. Happy birthday, sister.

Love yourself sisters before falling for a mister….

Don’t ruin your confidence by putting yourself down. You are a gem, a different one from the others.

A woman should always be classy, elegant and lovely, and you have some traces of these personalities.

Life is all about being happy then getting hurt and then finally healing up! So, don’t worry about it as you get older.

Have the happiest birthday in a literal sense. Happy birthday my pretty Sis.

Happy Birthday Captions for Sister

Live your day to the fullest and make it worth memorizing.

I now admit this on your birthday that you are my coolest sibling.

People get older and older, but sister, you are growing bolder. Take it easy, please.

Start your new year with happiness, and I hope it ends with joy too. Happy Birthday, Sis.

Family is the people dearest and closest to you, and in the whole family, you are my favourite. Have a blissful life sister.

You are a part of my life memories that can never be lost or forgotten.

Keep growing up and keep helping me out in my life. Love you.

A sister like you is a ready-made friend who is always available.

You are a little crazy, a little loud, tiny cute, and you are a bit ageing day by day. By the way, a thrilled birthday sister.

Age with grace and wonder, my dear and sometimes annoying sister.

Let go of the previous pains, heartaches and problems. You have a whole life ahead of you. Happy birthday.

No matter how much time it takes to achieve your goal, don’t give up and keep going. A new year of love and success awaits you.

Your most expensive accessory is your confidence. Don’t let it go as you age.

Pre-requisite happiness should be your birthday’s resolution.

You might not need a beauty icon, but you are a queen of valour.

Cheers to starting to New Year of life. Have a lovely birthday, sister.

Have a lovely birthday and stay beautiful, decent and composed.

cute sis bday captions

Your life is getting faster, and you’re growing up so, start getting stronger.

An amazing sister like you deserves a fantastic day, year life and life hereafter.

Be the kind of person you would like to idealize. Have a great treat and a Happy Birthday Sister.

As a year of your life has been updated, you should try refreshing yourself too little sister. Stay strong and happy.

It’s your birthday wears a great dress, a nice perfume and a perfect smile and live the day to the fullest.

You are the best sister in the world and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A beautiful day awaits you, my lovely sister. Happy Birthday, Sis.

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