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Funny Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister

Want a good laugh and a funny birthday wishes for elder sister at the very same time, consider spreading our birthday wishes, greetings, and jokes for a good laugh and message, to put a smile on your elder sister’s face.

Elder sisters are more than just older than us. They are role models and to tell them how much we love them is of the utmost of importance.

Thank God our parents kept you as the test monkey to shield us from experiments gone wrong, by the way happy birthday big sis.

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Happy Birthday to someone totally cool, beautiful, funny, and sort of reminds me of myself! You are a fabulous big sister, and you know you owe it all to me!

Happy Birthday big sister, you are so old now I have lost count.

Now that you are so old I am guessing wisdom is your middle name, but that’s not quite the case, happy birthday elder Sis.

Even though you are older than me, you were never the brighter one. Happy Birthday Elder Sis.

Happy Birthday big Sis. It is disappointing that even though you were older, I was always the brains in the family.

Happy Birthday Elder Sis, do not tell your friends about this they think I’m the
older one.

funny wishes for big sister

Funny Birthday Wishes for Big Sister

They say with age comes wisdom, it seems you have proven that wrong. Happy Birthday, sister.

Happy Birthday, Elder Sis. You should take care of those wrinkles on your face.

A pleased birthday to my big Sis who has filled the quota of being a big brother as well.

Since you are my only sister, I guess you’re my favorite. Happy Birthday big sister.

I am genuinely sorry for stealing the spotlight since I was born. Happy Birthday big Sis.

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Funny wishes images for elder sister_happy birthday sister funny

Happy Birthday big Sis. I hope I don’t have to remind you again. You’re getting quite forgetful; maybe it’s just the age?

Happy Birthday to my Big Sis for being the best friend I could ever have, taking account of the fact I have no friends.

Happy Birthday, elder Sis, thanks for always being blamed for what I did.

How could I forget your Birthday, my dear elder sister? At least that’s what you told me to write on the card. Happy Birthday, Boss! And thank you for always being you.

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How can I wish to elder sister?

Now that my elder sister has grown old, I can always count on you for sound advice, unlike the past days. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Now that you’re old enough, I just wanted to confess that I was the one who broke your favorite dollhouse when we were kids.

Happy Birthday, elder sister. I congratulate you on reaching the age now when you have finally calmed down. I thought that the nightmare would never end. Silly me.

Happy Birthday to the one who always dearly cared for me. I still don’t get why you saw mom as a competition, but anyways.

funny birthday messages for elder sis
Funny messages for elder Sister

I don’t know why I’m saying this as I imagine your bossy face. But, HAPPY birthday, dear elder sister.

Had I had some other elder sister, I wouldn’t have been the person I am now. Happy Birthday, dear one, although it’s not like I’m a billionaire. But you get the idea….

Mom and dad say their proud of you and of who you’ve become. Although no matter what-I can only see the cranky side of you! Happy Birthday.

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Mom and dad were sick of you, so they had me! Then again, it would never be possible without you. Happy Birthday.

I know I can never be left behind because you’ll be there to push me ahead. Although…I can’t assure you the same. I love you always! Happy Birthday.

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