Funny birthday wishes for younger brother

Want to send a funny birthday wish to your younger brother then we have a collection of funny birthday wishes for you in this post. Through these birthday wishes, you can make fun of your brother’s age or how you will empty his pocket on his birthday. Consequently, these funny birthday wishes will be amazingly amusing. So select any funny birthday wish and make your brother happy on his birthday.

birthday wishes for younger brother funny

I have decided to give a Treat on your birthday along with a Treatment. Happy Birthday, brother!

This year I have decided to not to make fun of your age, so here are my heart deepest birthday wishes to grandpa!

No matter how many birthdays you have, you will always be same stupid and idiot brother of mine. Happy Birthday stupid!

The number of years adding in your age doesn’t have any effect on your notorious nature. Happy Birthday naughty brother!

birthday wishes to younger brother funny
funny birthday wishes for younger brother

I hope and want to see you with no hairs on your head, no teeth in your mouth and all your body sagging, I think it is going to happen soon after few more birthday’s.

Although you are my younger brother everyone says that I look younger. Consequently, after adding one more year in your age, I declared you my elder brother because of your looks. As a result, happy birthday my elder brother from now onwards.

As an elder brother, it is my duty to advise you and guide you to the way of real wisdom. So in this regard, no need to get panicked by looking at your age, it happens every year. Happy Birthday, brother!

crazy birthday wishes for younger brother

You are having another birthday, it seems just yesterday when we emptied your pockets on your birthday party. Be ready this year as well.

Aging is the continuous process that cannot be stopped so start worrying as diabetes, heart stroke, Osteoporosis and Arthritis on the way. Happy Birthday ageing brother!

Firstly, I thought of giving you à phone call in order to congratulate you on your one more birthday. But then I remember, after skipping so many appointments to your ENT specialist, you would not be able to hear my wishes. So sending you my loveliest, sweetest and notorious Birthday wishes for my growing old brother in written. Lastly, don’t forget to go to your eye specialist regularly.

funny birthday quotes for younger brother

Another birthday means another year going close to amnesia and other old age diseases. So forget all your worries and enjoy your birthday like never before. Happy Birthday my unforgettable brother.

Happy Birthday brother, you have come to an age where you should be careful before coughing, sneezing or farting, it may cause you peeing in your pants. Hahaha, be a more careful brother!

Although you are my younger brother as a friend and your elder brother I want to tell you that growing old sucks, so try to skip your birthday and bamboozle your age.

sarcastic birthday messages for younger bro

Happy Birthday my younger brother, I think its time to get serious with your education, career and job life. Oh, it’s your 13 birthday yet, give all a damn and party hard.

Happy Birthday my younger brother, never make the same mistake twice, make it 5 or 6 times to be sure. Keep making mistakes brother!

Happy Birthday my younger brother, be bold to make mistakes because I will always be there to point them out. Hahaha keep learning and keep making mistakes!

Teenage bro hilarious birthday messages image

You are flawed and fabulous as there is nothing perfect in this world. So be what you are so I can keep making fun of you! Happy birthday my full of flaws brother!

Let’s celebrate your birthday with lots of fun and enjoyment, as mom and dad enjoyed a lot before making a mistake of their lifetime, Hahaha, Happy Birthday my parent’s mistake!

No One knew you will turn out into a handsome hunk if they have seen you a few years back when you use to look so creepy and freak. Happy Birthday my freak little brother!

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